the sky was made for us tonight

28 x Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows 2, etc)

this was supposed to be a DH2 movie icon post, but the colors kept coming out wrong and I couldn't find the best screencaps, so now it's a mix of everything instead.

28 x Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows 2 premiere & movie, text, misc)


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the sky was made for us tonight

11 x wallpapers

I was going through a folder of my old layouts the other day when I realized that all these graphics were likely just going to rot on my laptop, never to see the light of day again - so I took some time to turn a portion of the reusable ones into wallpapers. I am only providing 1280x800 graphics, but feel free to resize!

Please note that these wallpapers are for personal and offline use only. Please don't use these to create other fanworks (icons/headers/etc). Thank you.

o4 x Harry Potter
o3 x Super Junior/Super Junior M
o1 x DBSK
o1 x non-fandom
o1 x Dean Winchester
o1 x Subaru/Seishirou

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I will miss you until you return again

I will miss you until you return again

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so the point of this post is basically to do a big icon dump of all the icons that's been storing up over the last little while. it's not everything - some are still in forgotten folders, and others were lost due to computer reformats and whatnot - but it's a good portion of what hasn't been posted.

under the cut are: stock icons, joseph gordon-levitt icons, super junior icons, dbsk icons, (2) boys over flowers icons, and merlin icons.


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